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Unexpected Blessings

How God Sustains us in Missions

Not many people appreciate missionaries talking about their monetary needs. Particularly when times are tough for most of us. Dawn and I have had our share of notices of dear friends who had to cancel or limit their financial support. Our response has been one of fervent prayers for our friends, maintaining a spirit of generosity towards others and to majorly adjust our spending while still maximizing our efforts for the Kingdom.

God has been faithful and I wanted to share a few encouragements that God put our way quite unexpectedly.

  • One dear friend shared his joy of just starting a new job after a season of unemployment, and decided to increase his support by $50 per month. We are so grateful!

  • Another close family member has contributed two months of tuition for Jordan’s school fees.

  • A young man took on the sponsorship of a child at risk in Cambodia and now a little boy there is attending one of the first Christian schools in the nation. Yeah God!

  • Close friends are helping John-Paul to be able to attend Wheaton College. He’s now in his second year and absolutely loves it.

We know God to be our source for everything. He also purposes for missions to be a team effort and thus we appreciate your partnership, great or small, now even more than ever! Thank you!


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