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Another Journey

Updated: May 22, 2018

This winter found us back in our beloved Cambodia.

Our 1st mission? To help finish off another house for a family relocated out of the slums.

We sanded down concrete walls, plastered, and then finished with painting it a soft yellow.

Three generations of Cambodian Christian believers were beaming with gratitude the day it was dedicated. And we’re praying that this home will be a place where God’s light shines brightly to those in darkness.

While in Phnom Penh, we also spent time at New Life Christian School. With over 280 kids now attending, we wanted to encourage the teachers who are raising up the next generation of Christian young people. Some of the hardest working teachers around!

We then traveled to northern Cambodia to the less populated area of Siem Reap. It’s here that YWAM is pioneering three Christian preschools.

Yep, three! As we traveled down the dusty, dirt roads, thatched-roofed huts dotted the countryside. We finally pulled up to a bright, blue building out in the middle of a dusty village.

It’s here that YWAM is establishing a preschool for the poorest of the poor. These little Cambodia kids are learning 1st hand about God as their loving Father & his plans for their lives, So exciting!

Our prayer is that just like the plants and palm trees we planted near the playground, God would water these kids’ hearts, & they’d have roots that run deep in Him. Like Isaiah 37:31 says, “Take root downward & bear fruit upward.”

Thank you for helping us reach these little lives for Him. As Jesus said so well, “For of such is the Kingdom.”

With hearts full of gratitude,

Pieter & Dawn Heres


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